Located in the emerging Bloor & Lansdowne district, annhomanART exhibited the first in the Emerging Artists series in October 2007, showcasing the work of talented young artists.

Curator, Ann Homan, has created a space for new grads - to keep them working, to keep them enthusiastic, to help them make their living making art.

Homan was guest curator at the critically-acclaimed Nuit Blanche independent project, Bloor NIGHTLIGHT. That event mobilized 50 contemporary artists boost the process of urban revival by introducing engaged art and cultural projects into the at-risk neighbourhood.  The interactive flash-based video piece, WindowShopping by Andy Morris, was created especially for BloorNIGHTLIGHT, and engaged viewers and participants into virtually trying on clothing in an otherwise empty, unused storefront.

NB BloorNIGHTLIGHT WindowShopping by Andy Morris.jpg

+ "What a marvelous idea" Canadian Art Magazine + "One of the big highlights of my night was seeing you totally enjoying working with your artist and giving off this powerful good feeling" Dyan Marie, Curator, BloorNIGHTLIGHT + "This turned out to be one of my favourite parts of the night" Nuit Blanche Blog