Liana Russwurm

What draws one into Ms. Russwurm's work is the quality of the brushwork, depth of field, and grandeur. In a perversely old-school painterly fashion, she juxtaposes her experiences as a young woman against her reaction to how female beauty has been depicted throughout art history. Her work encourages a discourse that impacts on the complexity of influences currently affecting women, society and their own beauty perceptions.

Scale and materials are integral elements of her work. The large-scale of the works facilitates the physical impression of empowerment, playfulness, fragility and fragmentation for the viewer.  The texture or non-texture of her wood, canvas, linen and mylar surfaces layers with charcoal, pastels, wax and oils to portray living depths under the surface of human flesh.

Large-scale staged paintings and small-scale portrait series on linen.